First United Methodist Church Troy, Michigan
Two Manual, 37-Stops

Fund raising for a new organ at First United Methodist Church of Troy, Michigan, was accomplished in just a few months when Michelle Freeman agreed to champion the project as Chairperson.

A letter was sent to the congregation explaining the current state of their church's organ. The parts required to repair the increasingly ailing organ were no longer available because the manufacturer had long since gone out of business. With the backing of Pastor Hal Weemhoff, Music Director Steve Kosinski, Organist Kim Rawlings, Committee Chair Michelle Freeman and Evola Music's "Buy a Key" program, excitement and fundraising for a new organ was off and running.

It was determined that the Allen organ was the perfect fit for the church. And, with the addition of Vista Navigator™, hundreds of additional sounds are playable from either keyboard or pedalboard.

The five main amplification channels and corresponding speakers are located in the altar area, directly across from the choir. An additional antiphonal speaker system was installed in the rear of the church filling the church evenly from front to back.

The Organ Committee wrote: "Thanks so much for all the assistance you have given our church over the past few months as we made decisions regarding the purchase of a new organ. Our church members and music staff are delighted with our wonderful new instrument!"

"The installation process was very smooth! The staff from the Evola Music of Canton MI, was very courteous, patient and delightful to work with. Continuing the excellent service, they also stayed in contact with our church representatives and our organist to make certain we are satisfied with the performance of our new organ - coming back as needed to adjust settings. We are grateful for that personal touch."

"Thanks again for all you have done to help us achieve our goal of purchasing our new organ!"

First United Methodist
First United Methodist

Pictured left to right: Music Director, Steve Kosinski; Committee Chair, Michelle Freeman;
Organist, Kim Rawlings; Guest Organist, Johnny Kash; Pastor, Hal Weemhoff; Guest Organist, Lance Luce.