St. Paul Lutheran Church, Maybee, Michigan

St. Paul Lutheran Church had an old Conn organ which was purchased in 1973 and served the congregation for many years. With the C. G. Conn manufacturer long out of business and the organ showing signs of its age, the church contacted their local Allen Organ Company dealer, Mr. Lance Luce at Evola Music of Canton, MI. Mr. Luce expertly recommended what type of instrument was needed to best serve the church community.

The fund-raising process turned out to be a rather quick one and when it came time to purchase and install the instrument, Mr. Luce organized the entire process. "We could not have asked for a more competent crew to deliver the new organ and remove our old Conn" said a church spokesperson, "Even God cooperated by having the light morning showers come to an end long enough to make the delivery a dry one."

St. Paul Lutheran Church
St. Paul Lutheran Church

A few days after the installation Mr. Luce organized an explanatory session with the organist which was well-received, educational and informative. He even made subtle changes in the dynamics of the pre-sets and explained the functionality of the MIDI module.

"A dedication concert will allow us to to offer our gift of this musical instrument to the glory of God!", said the spokesperson.