First United Methodist Church, Troy, Michigan

Fund raising for a new organ at First United Methodist of Troy was accomplished in record time when Chairman Michelle Freeman agreed to champion the project. Fueled by her determination and enthusiasm, the necessary funds were raised in only a few months.

Prior to this outstanding accomplishment, a letter was sent out to the congregation explaining the state of their church's ailing organ. Unfortunately, the parts required to fix it were no longer available because the manufacturer had long since gone out of business. With the backing of Pastor Hal Weemhoff, Music Director Steve Kosinski and Organist Kim Rawlings, Committee Chair Michelle Freeman and Evola Music's "Buy a Key" program created excitement and completed the fundraising quickly.

First United Methodist
First United Methodist

Steve and Kim decided that the Allen organ would be the perfect fit for their church. They also chose the Allen Vista™ MIDI unit which adds hundreds of additional sounds to the organ, playable from either keyboard or pedal board. The Vista unit also allows the organ to record and playback stored song files at the push of a button. This makes the organ so much more versatile for many styles of music with all of the additional "contemporary keyboard" sounds it can produce.