St. Mary Catholic Church, Rockwood, Michigan
Allen C-6 Protégé Organ

St. Mary Parish of Rockwood Michigan installed an Allen C-6 Protégé organ to replace their small pipe organ. The pipe organ had been in the church for many years, but didn't provide a very good variety of sounds or voices. Besides, the pipe organ also blocked the round stained glass window in the balcony. After looking at several brands of digital organs, the organist recommended the Allen Protégé because of its pipe organ sound.

The organ was installed with an external sound system that allows the sound from the balcony to be heard evenly throughout the sanctuary. There is a MIDI sound module hooked up to the organ as well, so that additional, contemporary sounds can be played from the organ as well as the traditional pipe sounds.

Lance Luce from Evola Music designed the speaker system, and did the final voicing on the organ. The sanctuary was renovated in 2009, and now with the new organ, the church sounds as good as it looks.