St. Mary Catholic Church, Chelsea, Michigan

We chose an Allen Organ for our church in 2003. Our small pipe organ was no longer viable, and perhaps never did meet the needs for sound in the building. I had experience with the Allen company for over 35 years and noted remarkable improvement in technology and in sound over that period.

Evola assisted us in choosing the organ that best addressed our needs and gave us many options for further upgrades. Speaker boxes were installed in such a way that it did not detract from the lines and environment. The new system provided an increased versatility we had not known before. Evola has been very helpful with the rare occasion where technical assistance was required. Our organists, often doctoral students in music at the University of Michigan, were very pleased with its performance. One chose the organ for one of his doctoral concerts.

In subsequent years we have chosen to upgrade the organ twice at a reasonable cost so that even more options are now available to us. I am particularly impressed with the technology that more closely resembles the pipe organ in its use of the "chiff" and sustain resonance the remains in the air after the key has been released. A pipe organ of such quality would have been impossible to purchase in the current economy. Good stewardships demands another option and I believe we were wise in our choice of the Allen!

Rev. William J. Turner, PhD

St. Mary Catholic Church