First Church of Christ, Scientist, Birmingham, Michigan
Allen Three-Manual Digital Organ

We are delighted with our new Allen organ! It was a hard choice to give up our pipe organ, but the sound quality from our Allen organ has made fans out of some of our skeptics. As you know, there is a considerable cost to maintaining a pipe organ, and we are now able to reallocate the funds we would have spent on repairs to supporting our church's healing mission. We love that we have been able to do this without sacrificing the quality of music, which inspires us at our services.

The Allen Organ Company had been recommended by several musicians for the quality of their instrument and their service. I had a taste of both firsthand back in Erie, Pennsylvania when I took lessons on the largest Allen organ at that time. I remember being awed by the sound, and witnessing the company install innovations as they came along. A company that stands behind its product is a company with integrity, and we considered that as we chose our new organ.

We thank you at Evola for working with us through the decision making and installation processes. We appreciate your expertise and patience as we made the transition from our pipe organ to our new Allen.

The congregation has recently been seen staying in the sanctuary until the end of the postlude to catch the last notes of awe-inspiring majesty.

First Church of Christ, Scientist