Palacio de Okeowo, Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria
101 Stop Five-Manual Allen Organ

Panoramic view of the palace Living Room.

Allen Organ Company, with the assistance of Allen's Nigeria Representative "Chopin Music", installed a Five-Manual, 101 Stop digital organ within the Palacia de Okeowo in Lagos, Nigeria. This is the largest organ on the African continent!

The organ is equipped with Allen's most technologically advanced generation of digital technology, "GeniSys™", that features GeniSys Display, a touch screen controller that is simple to use. In addition, the organ also features Allen's high-definition GeniSys Voices, 2 stops per division where additional contemporary and organ voices can be assigned by the organist. To round out the GeniSys technology, the organ also utilizes GeniSys Remote, a mobile device app that controls the playback functions of the organ (Hymn Player, Performance Player and Recorder) from a distance from the organ using Wi-Fi technology.

A String Division and Festival Trumpet were also installed in the balcony above the dining area, as well as two speakers in the chapel, and two speakers in the master suite.

This instrument will be used for worship in the owner's private chapel, parties, gatherings, and special celebrations

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