Basílica Menor de La Inmaculada Concepción, Manizales, Colombia
46 Stop Three-Manual Organ

The Basílica Menor de La Inmaculada Concepción is the second most important church in Manizales, with a long tradition dating from 1902. The Basilica was built entirely of wood with its interior covered with beautiful cedar wood and the exterior protected with metal sheeting.

Around 1952, an 8-rank pipe organ was installed which lasted 15 years until it was water damaged by rain leaks. Due to the extent of the damage, the organ was deemed too costly for the Basilica to repair, so the damaged instrument was transferred to another wealthier church which installed and repaired the damaged pipe organ. This bigger church gave to La Inmaculada a Hammond electronic organ. Years later, another electronic organ replaced the Hammond.

In late Summer of 2018, a new Three-Manual, 46 Stop, Allen digital organ was installed. Equipped with the latest GeniSys™ Technology from Allen, the organ also utilizes GeniSys Voices: over 250 organ stops, Grand Pianos, orchestral, keyboard and percussion voices; all in HD quality, and two stops programmable per Division. In addition, the new organ uses GeniSys Display - the easiest-to-use and most technologically advanced organ console interface control system.

Everyone in the Basilica is happy with the new digital instrument, which is similar to the Allen organ currently installed in the Vatican. For the first time in decades a full-time organist has been hired and professional musicians and enthusiasts in town were amazed with the sounds the Allen organ offers!

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Hedvig Eleonora Kyrka