Catedral Basilica de Manizales, Colombia, South America
27 Stop, 2-Manual Allen Digital Organ

(Used with permission, from a letter written to Allen's President Steve Markowitz regarding this prestigious installation):

March 26, 2015

Dear Mr. Markowitz:

Today, at noon, during the People's Mass, was held the Liturgical Inauguration of our Allen organ (late this month we plan to have the Concert inauguration with Saint Saëns Third Symphony).

Unfortunately, the English language does not have the best adjective to describe the event, so I have to use a Spanish word. It was ¡APOTEÓSICO!; which means full of emotional recognition by many people.

Two of the best tenors of Colombia came to sing during the mass (Faure's Crucifixus, Bizet's Agnus Dei, etc.), and they said, "never have they felt such elegance, beauty and power of an instrument sound supporting their voices." Parishioners believed that a real pipe organ was being played. Even a priest commented: "How it is possible that those 40 pipes (from pipe façade) can produce those magnificent sounds? I felt like I was in a big European cathedral!"

During the Communion I played Hyfridol, using the trumpet sound-tremolo. Several people asked me where were the real trumpets!

The regional newspaper - La Patria - dedicated an entire page to this organ and the pipe façade which you can click here to view.

As you expected, we are very happy having this Allen. Even the Dean hired a full time organist to accompany all masses and ceremonies with Allen (something that had not happened in the last 40 years).

Thanks again, we will be in touch, and we hope that other priests and churches throughout my country have the will and resources to get an Allen Organ like this one!

With my best regards,

Luis Garcia
Organista Titular
Catedral de Manizales

Click here to view the entire organ dedication concert as it was streamed, March 26, 2015!

Catedral Basilica de Manizales
Catedral Basilica de Manizales