Abbatiale de Saint-Jean aux Bois, Picardie Region, France
50 Stop Three-Manual Pipe and Digital Combination Organ

Abbatiale de Saint-Jean aux Bois

Allen Organ Company is pleased to announce the installation of a digital-pipe combination organ in France! The organ at Abbatiale de Saint-Jean aux Bois includes 45 digital voices and 10 pipe stops with the console and digital voices manufactured by Allen Organ Company of Macungie, Pennsylvania, USA, and the pipes and casework supplied by Bernard Dargassies of MVGO, France.

The church is an 800 year-old historic building located about 40 minutes from Paris in the Compiègne region. To comply with the church's heritage and architectural style, the organ is positioned in the side of the nave, speaking toward the center. Fortunately, the building's acoustics disperse the organ's sound evenly throughout the sanctuary producing a spectacular result! The digital voices utilize 14 speaker cabinets installed behind the pipes which include a full-rank Trumpet en Chamade.

The organ's dedicatory concert was held on April 12, 2015. Representing Allen Organ Company was company President, Steven Markowitz, and Allen's French representatives, Jean-Philippe Le Trévou and Damien Simard.

While Allen Organ Company has been a leading provider of pipe combination organs in the United States and other countries for some years, this is the first such installation in France. Given France's rich organ tradition, Allen is especially proud of the new combination Allen-pipe organ in Abbatiale de Saint-Jean aux Bois church.

More information is available at Abbatiale de Saint-Jean aux Bois combination organ by Allen Organ.

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