Holy Cross Roman Catholic Church
Kemptville, Ontario, Canada

Holy Cross Church has recently completed an artistic and structural renovation making it one of the most beautiful and acoustically significant churches in the Ottawa Valley, Ontario, Canada. The Kemptville church completed the renovation by installing an Allen organ, a 38-stop, three-manual mechanical drawknob instrument. While this organ is a sophisticated modern instrument it also adheres to the traditions of pipe organ sound and classical organ building. Gordon Mansell, president of Glionna Mansell Corporation, the Ontario dealer for the world's most respected organ builder, states: "We are proud to have won this opportunity to showcase an Allen organ in such beautiful surroundings. The sound that the Allen organ produces in this spiritual space is supportive, awe-inspiring and exceedingly musical."

This Allen organ is well suited for supporting a congregation in their singing of traditional hymns. Moreover, with its integrated Vista Navigator MIDI, the organ may also support and lead contemporary liturgy. This is a musically dynamic instrument that offers an organist a tonal palette of six styles of organs, including: American Classic, Cavaillé-Coll (French Symphonic), Arp Schnitger (18th century North German), Schlicker (20th century neo-Baroque), English Cathedral and Orchestral. Each suite is voiced to the acoustics of the church but have the distinct tonal character of a variety of historical approaches to organ building. Mansell suggests: " is like having six organs in one! Together with its eight easily changeable historical tunings, the organist can authentically perform organ literature that spans six hundred years or more."

There have been well over 500 installations of Allen organs throughout Ontario, many still serving their original purpose after 40-years. Allen organs have earned a reputation province-wide that matches the respect and leadership the company enjoys on every continent across the globe. Quality, service and longevity continue to be Allen hallmarks 74 years after its 1937 inception and 40 years after Allen's introduction of the first digital organ.