Thornhill Presbyterian Church, Thornhill, Ontario
selects Allen Protégé™ Instrument

Thornhill Presbyterian Church in Thornhill (north of Toronto, Ontario), took delivery of their new organ in February, 2011. The Protégé L-226e is a 33 stop, two-manual digital organ with an external speaker system and four Quad Suite™ stop lists: Classic Allen, English Cathedral, Cavaillé-Coll and Schlicker.

Glionna Mansell Corporation President and Artistic Director, Gordon Mansell, states: "this new instrument replaces an Allen SYS301 that served Thornhill for forty years and continues to function beautifully and will easily find a second home."

Thornhill is blessed to have had a donation made to the church specifically for a new organ. From the perspective of the donor, there was only one organ builder with the reputation that would see their donation bear fruit as a worthy legacy gift.