St. Patrick's Catholic Church
Mississauga, Ontario
50 Stop Three-Manual Allen Organ

St. Patrick Catholic Church

St. Patrick's Catholic Church in Mississauga, Ontario, selected distinctive character in their Allen organ, delivered in October, 2010. The beautifully designed oak and walnut console features rosewood and maple accents.

This Allen organ has 7 stop lists easily accessed from Allen's on-board Stoplist Library™. From Baroque and neo-Baroque (Arp Schnitger and Schlicker), English Cathedral and Cavaillé-Coll to Classic Allen, the organist has a palette of 350 colors of pipe-organ sound and 8 distinct historical tunings. This level of detail and artistic flexibility means that well over 500 years of organ repertoire can be credibly represented and performed on this instrument. With its 16 audio channels and exclusive Multi-Point Audio™ technology, plus an antiphonal for the Swell division, the St. Patrick's community will enjoy exceptional clarity of every musical nuance.

Music Director and Organist Mr. Ed Cyfko recently stated "The rich and powerful pipe-organ sound is sure to energize the congregation into active participation in our weekly worship. It also reaffirms the profound importance of music in the celebration of our Catholic liturgy and our faith."

Glionna Mansell Corporation President and Artistic Director, Gordon Mansell also said [that] "...this organ will set a new benchmark for the industry and church organs. However, of more theological use, it will set the stage for providing a wonderfully inspiring and musical experience for the practice of faith for this community."

St. Patrick Catholic Church
St. Patrick Catholic Church

There will be another treat in the installation and a definite nod in the direction of the pastor, Fr. John Facey. It was his willingness and indeed his vision to see what was possible. Fr. John's creativity enabled a very different approach to how the necessary speakers will be placed. Together with Gordon Mansell and well-respected Toronto artist Greg Furmanczyk the physical appearance of the sound chambers began to evolve into a practical work of art. This instrument will have a custom main organ speaker chamber that takes its design inspiration from 17th century mechanical-action stand-alone organ cases of Europe. In front, real metal pipes will provide a focus to the music and an important connection between the organ console and the sound it emits. True to Allen's superior sampling from world-renowned pipe organs, this casework re-establishes the very important relationship between pipe and digital technologies and reaffirms the commitment and leadership both Glionna Mansell Corporation and Allen Organ Company have in producing true pipe organ sound in every installation.