Rosemary Presbyterian Church, Belfast, Northern Ireland
50 Stop, Three-Manual Custom Quantum™

Rosemary Presbyterian Church in in Belfast, Northern Ireland can trace its origins back as far as 1723. The present church building is a result of a union between the Ekenhead and Rosemary Street Congregations after the Rosemary Street building was destroyed in an air raid in 1941. The original pipe organ, located in a purpose built chamber, was replaced in the early 1970s by an Allen Two-Manual organ. The Allen continued to serve the church until 2007 when it was replaced with a new Three-Manual custom Quantum™ Allen built in an English-style console. The expansive audio system has been placed inside the original pipe chamber which was used as a store room after the pipe organ was removed. The music program also benefits greatly from Allen's Expanded Audio Capability (EAC™) which is also part of this installation.

Organist Billy Cairns and the church's congregation are thrilled with the magnificent tonal results of their new organ installation. Organist Carlo Curley gave a special dedication concert in June 2008.