The Gift of Music Shared
New Zealand
Allen Theatre Organ

Ray Drury likes to share his passions and pleasures. An avid fan of theatre organ music and a hobby organist himself, Ray is also the proud owner of a world-class collection of automobiles, many of which he and his mechanics have personally restored. One of Ray's other prized possessions is a three-manual Allen theatre organ. Several times a year he and his wife, Nancy, open their estate to their friends and neighbors for an afternoon of music, refreshments and the support of worthy causes. Each get-together features a guest organist at the Allen organ, many of Ray's automobiles on display and a short informative address from a spokesperson for a charitable cause.

While it isn't unusual for Allen owners get a great deal of pleasure from their instruments, the Drurys have found that sharing their passion with others is the greatest pleasure of all. Kudos, Ray and Nancy!