Christ Anglican Church, Devonshire, Bermuda
80 Stop Three-Manual Allen Organ

The 80 Stop, Three-Manual Allen organ installed at Christ Anglican has greatly enhanced the music component of its services. The affordability of the new Allen digital instrument, compared to the cost of a comparable pipe organ, allowed the church to allocate more funds to their main mission of community supportive. The "tropicalized" console in a walnut finish features six complete stop lists, S-style keycheeks, Cathedral-style side overlays, and an adjustable crank bench with backrest. It also includes OST™ keying and full-antiphonal relays.

The Organ Fund Committee members, Neville Darrell, Jim Ivey, Bitten Dill, Joan Dillas-Wright JP and Canon James Francis, worked diligently with Bruce Rohrbach from the Allen Organ staff to plan and purchase the Allen organ. The Dedication Ceremony following the installation was a tremendous success.