Cathedral in Valladolid, Spain
Quantum™ 79 Stop Four-Manual Organ

The Allen Organ Company, Macungie, PA, has installed a large, four-manual instrument in the historic Cathedral in Valladolid, Spain. The all-digital instrument is one of the company's new Quantum™ series instruments, consisting of four completely-independent 79-stop specifications: American Classic, English Cathedral, French Romantic, and Neo-Baroque. At the request of Spain's premier concert organist, Pilar Cabrera, the American Classic specification was customized to a more Spanish Classic tonal scheme, including a special "Trompeta Reál" that crowns the Solo division.

Allen Organ Company designed a custom audio system for the organ, and together with the resident physical plant personnel, completed the installation on site taking great care to preserve the aesthetics of the building, which was completed in the early 1600's. The instrument was placed in the front of the church, and the moveable console can be connected in multiple locations, allowing for either worship or concert use.

The organ was introduced to the public on Sunday, June 4, 2006, at a special First Communion Mass celebrated by the Archbishop of Valladolid. The Cathedral plans a regular concert series, with the first performance by Ms. Cabrera in early July. Plans are also underway by multimedia producer Michael Reckling to create a special website detailing the installation and providing sound clips of the new instrument.