Isokyrö Lutheran Church, Finland
39 Stop Three-Manual Instrument

Isokyrö Lutheran Church was built in the late middle ages, making it over 700 years old.

Now, it finally has an organ!

Allen's Keuruu, Finland representative installed and voiced the Allen Organ in the beautiful stone sanctuary. Following its installation he performed the dedication concert. The handsome console features tracker touch and OST™ keying. Its audio is comprised of four versatile-and portable-Herald™ HR-200 speakers.

The stone-walled, high-peaked roof structure, being very old and of great historical importance, posed numerous challenges for the installation. Principal among them was the lack of a central heating system in the church. The building is only used for worship services from May to September. Therefore, a permanent organ installation is impossible. The organ and speakers are moved to another, more modern church during the winter months. The Allen is the perfect solution.

Isokyro Lutheran Church