Reformed Church, Bloemfontein, South Africa

Reformed Church

A number of years ago, the Reformed Church in Bloemfontein replaced their pipe organ (which was too costly to repair, enlarge, or even maintain) with an Allen digital organ. The Allen has proved to be extremely reliable. A direct benefit of this wise decision has been a dramatic improvement of the congregation's singing, as well as a dramatic improvement of the organ maintenance fund's balance (naturally!).

Since the old organ's pipes were attractive but unreliable, they were kept where they were. The organ speakers were hidden behind this decorative facade. Many visitors, unaware that the pipes are no longer functional, express their musical enjoyment of the tonal quality and large stop list of the "pipe organ".

South Africa has a European musical tradition. However, many churches experiment with various types of common musical instruments, most played by amateurs. The Reformed Church of Bloemfontein proves that with a bit of planning and good judgement, the church organ is still the ideal standard.