Osaka, Japan's Dawn Center Canadian Folk Song Concert

"It was a most successful event!" was the conclusion of Shima Sueoka, regarding a recent concert featuring an Allen 50-Stop Three-Manual organ played by Ms. Yoshiko Yoden. Ms. Yoden joined a vocalist, violinist and guitarist in presenting a memorable two-hour-plus event. Ms. Yoden is an accomplished music teacher and organist from Osaka. The violinist, Tamaki Kanaseki, is a Julliard School graduate who now resides in Kobe, Japan. The concert's headlined performers, vocalist Meredith Hall and her guitarist husband Bernard Farley, are noted international artists.

Shima Sueoka, representing Pax-Allen, Allen's Osaka, Japan dealership, reported that the concert, which was co-sponsored by Pax-Allen, the Canadian Consulate General and the Rotary Club, featured Canadian and Newfoundland folk songs. Although this would appear to be an unusual selection of music to present to a predominantly Japanese audience, the crowd of 500 at Osaka's Dawn Center was very enthusiastic.

Ms. Yoden "pulled out all of the stops" on the Allen Organ to thoroughly entertain the audience. She used a light narrative to explain to the crowd the details of her musical performances on the organ. The sound of the Allen Organ was truly impressive. Numerous times the audience broke into thunderous applause. Her performance not only showcased her musical talents, but also the versatility of the Renaissance organ in a truly uncommon musical setting!