Oakridge Presbyterian Church, London, Ontario

Under the dynamic leadership of Rev. Dr. Terry Ingram, Oakridge is one of the largest and fastest growing Presbyterian congregations in Canada. A major component of the positive worship experience at Oakridge is its outstanding music program, inspired by their imaginative and dedicated Music Director and organist, Mrs. Janet Fischer. Recently a large three-manual Allen console was installed-with spectacular musical results.

Mrs. Fischer states her comments: "As a player of pipe organs for over 20 years I never expected to discover a digital instrument to compare, particularly in sound quality, to that of a pipe organ. You can imagine how amazed and thrilled I was the first time I sat at the console of this fine instrument. Its superb sound quality, and classic organ console featuring traditional draw knobs incorporates the integrity and the response of a fine pipe organ-nothing is compromised. This organ does what it is supposed to do-it helps bring the music in our worship services to new heights that were not possible before. From the sound of the warm, gentle soul-searching strings, to the powerful reeds that heralds excitement and exhilaration, the organ lifts not only our voices, but our inner "selves" spiritually, and emotionally."

Oakridge Presbyterian