Murole Lutheran Church, Helsinki, Finland
Allen Durability Tested in Finland

Murole Lutheran Church

An Allen organ installed in Murole Lutheran Church in 1989 demonstrates how Allen "builds 'em tough." The church is normally in use only every second or third Sunday of the month year-round. Between uses the church is left unheated. The church is warmed-up from -20 degrees to +20 degrees centigrade starting the day before its use in colder weather, so that for an actual service the organ is played in relative warmth. Afterwards the building heat is turned off again, and the Allen goes back to its "deep freeze" mode. Year after year. The only maintenance it has needed over those years is the replacement of the memory back-up battery.


An historic Finnish wooden church built in 1650 was moved a number of years ago from its home in Karuna, Finland, to an open-air museum for old buildings in Helsinki. In the summer the church is often used for concerts and weddings. There is no heating system in the church. It also is not used used from September to May. The organ installed in the church is an Allen. It stays there year round, waiting all the cold winter for the next season. And each spring it has faithfully sprung to life to play wedding and concert music once again-without any recorded problems. (The new Karuna church also has an Allen. It, too, is faithful. But warm.)