Cubillas de Santa Marta, Spain
Custom Three-Manual Instrument

About a hundred and seventy-five miles northeast of Madrid, Spain, lies a small village of two hundred twenty-five residents known as Cubillas de Santa Marta. Their village church is a thirteenth-century structure, enlarged in the eighteenth century. Recently, this historic site became the home of a custom three-manual Allen organ with fifty stops. Installed and finished directly by the Allen factory, this wonderful instrument will serve the village in many ways. First and foremost, it will provide worship support for the village church, and secondly, it will allow an ongoing concert series that will bring organists, not only from Spain, but from all over the world as well. This concert series will include post-concert receptions that will focus on the village's wide reputation for producing fine wines.

This instrument is a source of great pride to the village of Cubillas de Santa Marta, and its presence in a place that represents the very cradle of Spanish history and tradition, is an honor and privilege for Allen Organ Company.