Budapest, Hungary Home Installation

The following is a translation of a letter written by the owner of an Allen organ in a home practicing environment, in Budapest, Hungary:

"I'm 28, a mother of two children (two boys, 3 and 5). I learned playing the organ in the Kodály chorus school for six years, and in the meantime I worked as a substitute organist (as we call them: cantor) in a church. I got my qualification/charter (as a cantor) in 1997. After the birth of my children I no longer had the opportunity to practice in a church, because I was unable to get someone to look after the kids. Also, in winter times I often caught a cold during the long practicing periods in the cold church. Then, on one occasion, my husband raised the idea of purchasing an organ for home practicing. We began a "feverish" search to find the most suitable instrument. We tested many organs until we found our way to the local representative of the Allen Organ Company.

I was convinced instantly, by the sound of the Allen, that this is the only brand worth buying. After some weeks of coordination we made the final decision, and our long-awaited organ arrived in June 2005. The instrument matched all our expectations, in which Allen's representative played a great role, doing a thorough installation with a fine voicing job. Ever since the family has daily joy, as almost every day I practice. The kids also enjoy the beauty of organ music, and this is very important for us. Since then I have also become a full time organist. It is a great help in my job that I can thoroughly prepare myself for the masses at home."