Maternity of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary Catholic Church, Bourbonnais, Illinois
58 Stop Three-Manual Pipe and Digital Combination French Terrace Organ

Maternity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Catholic Church, is the oldest church in the Kankakee-Bourbonnais area in Illinois. It was built in the mid-1800s and has housed numerous organs throughout its history. Their old organ was deemed irreparable. Inviting comments and suggestions from the parish community, it was unanimously decided to invest in a new digital Allen organ, one that would provide more versatility to Maternity B.V.M.'s growing music ministry, and uphold the French heritage of the church.

A French Terrace console design was recommended and a 58 Stop Allen combination organ was selected as the organ of choice. The organ comes equipped with the Optional Drawknob package, OST™ Keying with sustain kick switch, an Allen Vista Navigator II™. It also features Maple Drawknob stems with Rosewood inserts and Maple rocker tabs.

When asked to comment about the process of designing and selecting a new organ, Fr. Richard Pighini C.S.V., Pastor of Maternity B.V.M. replied, "Our new organ is beautiful to hear, beautiful to see, and working in collaboration with the Allen Organ Company, was a beautiful experience."

Chris Lord, Director of Music and Liturgy, shared some insights on a unique stop added to their new instrument.

"Because of the historic Catholic and French heritage of Maternity B.V.M., plus the beauty it exhibits, we pursued a combination pipe and digital French Terrace console that blended well with the church décor. We also chose to have a Festival Trumpet incorporated into our instrument for weddings, and named that stop the "La Trompette Des Fondateurs", honoring all of our founding lay parishioners, Viatorians and Sisters. We are very fortunate to have an instrument that allows us to continue to pray in song and as a choir; as an assembly. It's been wonderful and it's important to our parish!"

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