Emmanuel Reformed Church, Morrison, Illinois
79 Stop Four-Manual Instrument

Over the past several years, Emmanuel Reformed's two-manual, 18-rank pipe organ had gradually encountered significant problems and needed rebuilding or replacing. Careful research, along with a great appreciation for Allen Organ's reputation, allowed the congregation to vote to purchase a new Allen organ. Because of the great variety of musical styles utilized in Emmanuel's blended ministry, the opportunities this large organ offered the congregation were endless. Whether it be for Sunday morning worship services, concerts, choral celebrations, funerals or weddings, this beautiful Allen organ provides the church with exactly what it needs to accomplish these events.

This beautiful console is finished in a medium oak to match the chancel furniture and wood found in this beautiful 500-seat sanctuary. The console, normally resting to the left of the worship platform, sits on a moveable dolly, which allows the console to be easily moved to center floor for concerts and special events. The sanctuary's masonry and stone surfaces, along with minimal carpeting, non-padded pews and Terrazzo flooring create an acoustical dream for the speakers that speak from two organ chambers above and to each side of the chancel. Coupled with the Acoustic Portrait™ of the organ, this powerful organ sounds as though it is in a great European cathedral.

Stephen Steely, well-known Allen artist, provided the Dedication Concert in July, 2010. Ministry Coordinator Rich Criss (whose position with Emmanuel includes being Director of Music), also an accomplished organist, performed a Christmas concert to very large crowds in December.

In addition to Mr. Criss, Emmanuel's pastoral staff includes Rev. Jeff McIlrath, senior pastor. Organists are Karen Mouw and Brenda Haan.

The Emmanuel congregation is extremely grateful to Stephen Steely and Foster Family Music, Davenport, Iowa, for their great help in this organ project. This marvelous instrument will be a key element of the worship experience at Emmanuel for many years to come!

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