St. Elizabeth Parish, Granite City, Illinois
Combination Möller Pipe and Allen Digital Organ

St. Elizabeth Parish
St. Elizabeth Paris

(Excerpted from a letter to Allen Organ Company)

"I just wanted to send you a personal note again THANKING you for your time, personal interest, generous and patient spirit, and attention to the Allen installation in our Parish.

"Allen's long time commitment to excellence in its products comes alive in people like you who embody the base principles of Allen Organs and its founder and are translated in the key word in today's world-SERVICE!

"Today was about just that! Your long hours, patience, and commitment to making our instrument and Allen Audio System the BEST it can be only inspires people like me even more to utilize these "instruments" to the BEST in worship experience for our congregation.

"From the FIRST moment of discussion about our new instrument, through the long process of design, the uncertainty of financing it, to the moment that we realized it would happen, through the months of waiting, and the FINAL moment when IT arrived, there was nothing-NOTHING-but first class attention to detail, kind understanding, and commitment to us as a Parish. It is almost like our Allen Organ was the ONLY instrument and project your company was building and involved in! WHAT a compliment, WHAT a feeling! Most of all, it was genuine! Not the usual "business" hype to get ONE more customer-facades like that fail quickly!

"Today, for me, was the culmination of all the above emotions and efforts! On behalf of our Pastor, Father Tom Liebler, myself and the 1,400 members of our Parish family, I THANK YOU again for representing Allen Organs so well. On their behalf, I thank you, again, for your attention to the most minuscule of detail, and for your welcoming personality, knowledge and expertise. Those who see, hear, and play this magnificent instrument will, unknowingly, enjoy it's magnificence due to the unseen YOU in its finality!!"

James Dedera
Director of Music Ministries and Organist