The Honolulu Hawaii Tabernacle, Oahu, Hawaii
58-Stop, Three-Manual Organ

The prestigious Honolulu Hawaii Tabernacle in Oahu, Hawaii, recently installed a 58‑Stop, Three-Manual Allen Organ to expand and enhance the capabilities of their music ministry.

After several years of detailed historic restoration, it was decided that a new organ was needed that would fully support the musical needs of the landmark Honolulu Tabernacle. In addition to the regular schedule of church services, the Tabernacle is the location of many large musical events throughout the year including a major Christmas concert featuring the organ, large choir and full symphony orchestra.

The former organ had been developing age-related problems and was proving difficult to maintain due to the lack of support from the original manufacturer. With that in mind, high on the list of requirements for a new organ were these criteria items: the finest quality; flexibility; dependability; and reliable technical support.

Church Organs Hawaii, the Allen representatives in Hawaii, worked for several months with leaders of the Tabernacle to choose an organ that would support the Tabernacle's requirements. Ultimately, the Allen 58-Stop (66 with GeniSys Voices) G350DK three-manual organ was selected as the ideal instrument. Upon their request, the final design included a custom finish for the console, a 16-channel expanded audio system with all of the speakers to be installed in the original chambers, and custom programming of the built-in Hymn Player to include specific Church hymns.

Church Organs Hawaii partner Jude Oliver directed and coordinated the installation, performed the tonal finishing, and conducted an orientation presentation for over ten Ward organists.

The following article link of the Tabernacle structure is an interesting read since this Tabernacle was the last one built in the U.S. and was completed just before the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941. The link below will open up in the Brigham Young University's Religious Studies Center website.

The Last Tabernacle - A Refuge in Oahu, by Matthew O. Richardson

Honolulu Hawaii Tabernacle
Honolulu Hawaii Tabernacle