Paul Renard residence, Augusta, Georgia
Three-Manual Allen Theatre Organ

NO Practicing - Just Pure Enjoyment!

When Paul Renard moved to Augusta, Georgia, in 2006, he brought with him a lifetime of music passions. Author, musician, composer, recording artist, actor, and performer, Paul Renard's accomplishments and experiences are unusual and varied.

Paul Renard was the creator and founder of Music Dynamics, a system of teaching music that has had a home in Chicago for well over 25 years. It teaches people to read sheet music at sight.

Gracing the foyer and formal room of the Renard-Leftwich home in Augusta is a new Allen Three-Manual theatre organ. Paul enjoys playing the organ daily. "Every morning some men kiss their wives 'good morning'... but I kiss the console with adoration. This instrument is very special," says Paul. "Dwight Beacham should be commended a thousand times for creating this instrument. As all my ATOS friends know, this organ is the joy of my life and I recommend it to everyone who has an interest in theatre organs. No other digital organ builder can ever match Allen's quality."

What an honor to have Paul as our customer and our friend!