Allen Theatre Organ
Marietta, Georgia Home

Ron and Donna Carter are the proud new owners of a four-manual Allen Theatre Organ. The 34-ranks are digital samples retrieved from the Hollywood Philharmonic studio organ of the legendary theatre organist George Wright.

Having installed and maintained a three-manual 16-rank Wurlitzer pipe organ in their Marietta home for 20 years, they understood the sound and nuances of the theatre pipe organ. Ron, who is the organist in the family, says "We have the sound of the pipes without the tuning and maintenance that we encountered with the pipes. I was concerned about having the same great Wurlitzer pipe organ sound. The fact is the GW4 sounds better."

The organ includes 16 speaker cabinets housed in two chambers that are each 5 feet wide by 20 feet deep. Also connected to the organ is a Kawai digital grand piano which plays from the organ console at the far end of the room. You can even watch the piano keys move as Ron plays them from the organ console.

The inaugural concert was played by Barry Baker. The Carters regularly host ATOS chapter programs in their home.