Peachtree Presbyterian Church, Atlanta, Georgia
Schlicker/Allen Combination
Pipe and M. P. Möller Instrument

The Allen Organ Company was again chosen by the Peachtree Presbyterian Church for a second organ-building project. Peachtree is the largest Presbyterian Church in the United States. It broadcasts services on TV, radio, and the web. Inspiration Network broadcasts part of services nationally. This congregation of over 10,000 in the metropolitan Buckhead Community of Atlanta, Georgia, supports a music program of 16 choirs and ensembles, a concert series, community music school and music interns from the famous Eastman School of Music in New York. In 1999 Allen installed a Three-manual Allen organ in the Kellett Chapel gallery.

The new organ consists of a unique five-manual custom console, with 50 Renaissance digital voices complementing an 88-rank Schlicker pipe organ, bringing the total instrument to 138 ranks in 9 divisions. Nick Bowden, principal organist at Peachtree Presbyterian Church, remarks, "the company is known for their fine work, honesty and close attention to detail. We are honored to call them friends."