St. Coleman Catholic Church, Pompano Beach, Florida
Custom 87-Stop / Four-Manual Allen Organ

This large, comprehensive 87-Stop / Four-Manual custom console is exquisitely finished in golden oak to perfectly match the interior wood furnishings of the church. The stunning console includes the finest imported German keyboards, an adjustable music rack and an adjustable bench for complete organist comfort. Dunne Music of Pompano Beach, Florida, designed the organ utilizing Allen Organ Company's exclusive Interlaced Audio™ technology throughout the organ's massive audio system. This advanced audio system uses thousands of watts of audio power and can faithfully produce 32-foot pitch, open wood pipe sampled sound down to the lowest note on the organ! In all over twenty-five speaker cabinets with over 75 individual speakers are housed in three large chambers above the altar. This organ also has a smaller custom time-delayed audio system above the main entrance. The special Reflections™ Package gives a remarkable aural result. The listener feels like he or she is enjoying the sound of the organ in a large, reverberant cathedral setting.

Altogether this organ produces a magnificent sound that is incredibly faithful to its pipe organ counterpart. The church is extremely pleased with their selection of this new Allen Organ!

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