Faith Presbyterian Church
Cape Coral, Florida
Pipe and Digital Combination Allen Organ

Concert Artist Diane Bish performed a magnificent Dedication Concert on this impressive instrument shortly after its installation by Dunne Music Company, Pompano Beach, Florida. The Organist of Faith Presbyterian is Michael Helman, and Dr. Tim Halverson is the Pastor.

The many design details of the console, such as the gold-painted division divider strips and stop tab molding, brass toe studs, and satin black-painted console interior surfaces make it a visual treat. Note the matching walnut finish dolly and adjustable-height bench with backrest.

The console features:
• Walnut exterior, satin black on walnut interior two-tone finish
• Gothic side-panel overlays
• Lighted, adjustable solid-wood music rack
• Gold-painted division divider strips and stop tab molding
• Drawknobs: walnut stems with white faces
• Keyboards: Ivora naturals with walnut sharps
• Skinner-style keycheeks
• Keylock power switch
• Stop tabs: Black finish on maple
• White pistons
• Brass toe studs
• Pedalboards: Walnut sharps, maple naturals & pedal nameplates
• Allen Vista™
• Walnut finish dolly and adjustable crank bench with back rest

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