Church of the Palms Presbyterian Church
Sarasota, Florida
56 Stop Three-Manual Renaissance™ Allen Organ

The Church of the Palms knew what they were looking for-an instrument of the highest quality that would support a full and diversified music ministry program. They listened to many brands and styles, both digital and pipe. Naturally, they felt compelled to exercise good stewardship in spending the church's money. Therefore, it was determined that installing a pipe organ of sufficient capability to fill their 1,200-seat sanctuary would be much too costly. When they debated all of their considerations against the results of their search, they chose a beautiful "pickled-oak" finish four-manual Allen organ with a String Division. It has more than met their goals for quality and good stewardship. Plus, since its installation it has won the hearts of the congregation with its glorious sound. John Ferreira, Organist, marvels at the responsive touch, the heavenly floating string division, and the constant visits from other organists and musicians anxious to hear the instrument. Both Pastor Dr. Bruce Porter and Assistant Accompanist Judy Lutes agree that their new Renaissance, with its superior quality and amazing versatility, was the perfect choice for their growing and vibrant church. To share their joy over the new Allen, the church also established an ambitious series of concerts, featuring performers such as Carlo Curley.