The Sanctuary Church, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
Diane Bish Signature Series™ 70 Stop Organ

"The Sanctuary Church of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida is proud to be the owner of a Diane Bish Signature Series DB-70 Allen digital organ. This instrument was originally built for Diane's concert tour aboard Regent's ship, the Seven Seas Navigator. Not only was the organ designed by Diane herself, but was used to showcase her exquisite mastery of the King of Instruments!

"The original church, and sanctuary, was built in 1961 and included an Allen TC-6. For its 40th Year Anniversary, it upgraded to the existing Diane Bish Signature Series organ.

"The organ features a full range of stops, numerous Festival Trumpets, four manuals, full MIDI capabilities, a recording function, a separate String Division, and two Alternate Tunings, all while playing with the equivalent of seventy ranks of pipes. It offers a wide array of versatility for the organist with a transposer, multiple levels of piston memories, two Tutti options, a programmable Crescendo pedal, Great to Choir transfer, an Antiphonal Organ for the Solo manual, and all four divisions under expression.

"Many thanks to the Allen Organ Company and Dunne Music Company for their assistance in the acquisition and installation of this glorious instrument that will continue to bless our church and congregation for generations to come."

The Sanctuary Church
The Sanctuary Church