Our Lady of Hope Catholic Church, Port Orange, Florida
Combination Pipe and Digital Instrument

The first pipe and digital combination organ in the Daytona Beach area is truly a state-of-the-art instrument. Daniel Weimer, Minister of Music at Our Lady of Hope Catholic Church, is thrilled with the new instrument. Mr. Weimer was so impressed with Allen's technology that he instructed the asterisk indicators for "pipe stops" be purposely left off of the drawknobs so that visiting organists would be in awe of the blending capabilities and beautiful voicing of the Allen stops. The organ has allowed Mr. Weimer, along with Associate Organists Michael Cronin and Edna Mae Harber, to expand the liturgical repertoire of the parish.

Seeing the beautiful speaking pipe facades, people think that the organ is all pipe when they hear it played. The six ranks of pipes were handcrafted by Rieger-Kloss of the Czech Republic, and installed, voiced and finished tonally by the Lauck Pipe Organ Company of Otsego, Michigan. They are mated to a beautiful 80-Stop, Three-Manual Allen Console. Having been involved with the new instrument from contract signing to installation, Mr. Weimer notes that the expansion of the organ will be ongoing. For now, a 61-note full-length 8' Processional Trumpet is being added by Lauck at the rear of the sanctuary, and a 73 note rank of 4' and 2' Flute will complete the Great. These two additions will bring the organ to 80 digital stops and 8 pipe stops.

The church considered other firms when selecting a builder. It chose the Allen as it offered the best sound and workmanship. A well-received dedication concert featuring Carlo Curley was proof-positive that this installation was worth the time and effort!

Our Lady of Hope Catholic Church