First Presbyterian Church, Bonita Springs, Florida
Combination Pipe and Digital Church Organ

"Our Allen Representative did an outstanding job with our installation, which required duplicate speaker chambers in the rather large and wide-spread chancel area. The low-rise console design works very well in our situation and the Wanamaker string division (that speaks from speakers located in the ceiling) is absolutely superb. The Reuter pipe portion of this organ ensemble provides a powerful liturgical architectural statement and becomes the focal point of the front wall, with the handsome console centered beneath. We have been particularly happy with the combination of digital voices and pipes, including the beautiful polished copper Trompette en chamade."

"My initial skepticism about tuning pipes and electronic voices was allayed over the past few months with our summer temperature and humidity changes. No matter the circumstance, the pipe division works seamlessly with the digital divisions. Indeed, when these voices are combined, I really can't tell a difference between what is pipe and what is digital. This instrument has worked wonderfully in hymn playing and in all genres of organ music from Handel concertos to French symphonic music. Diane Bish played a dedication concert to a full house in the 1,600-seat facility in March."

First Presbyterian Church
First Presbyterian Church

"We all hear about churches where worshipping members sing boldly and with enthusiasm. I am fortunate to play the organ in such a congregation. The purchase of our Allen combination pipe & digital church organ has added a significant component to our congregation's corporate music making and, indeed, to the rich worship life of First Presbyterian Church of Bonita Springs."