Blessed Trinity Catholic Church, Ocala, Florida
Custom 58 Stop Three-Manual Quantum™
Pipe and Digital Combination Organ

To upgrade an Allen organ installed in the 1970s, Blessed Trinity selected a Quantum Q345 with nine stops of pipes. The console has a custom oak finish, with matching custom oak casework for the pipes. The oldler Allen was reinstalled in the church's chapel - with new speakers - and sounds like it did 30 years ago when Ted Hayes played the Dedication Concert! Ted, of Mathis Music Inc., Sarasota, also installed the new Allen. The gold-finished pipe work was supplied by Jim Lauch. The Principal pipes are on the Great (add or substitute), and the Flute pipes are on the Swell (add or substitute). All speakers and interface equipment are located behind the pipes. The organ is comprised of two sections: Great-Pedal-Choir on one side, with the Swell on the opposite wall.

Organist Dick Saalfeld "did the shopping" and made the recommendations to Father Pat Sheedy and to the committee. Shortly after its installation, the Q345 was the centerpiece of an Organ Workshop the day before its official Dedication.