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Bert Atwood's Custom French-Console GW-IV

Long-time theatre organ enthusiast Bert Atwood presented a challenge to the Allen Organ Company: "Build a George Wright four-manual in a French console, and I'll buy it!" Besides the French console, Bert specified some other features: Clear-finish Zebrawood console caps, bench top, keyboard sharps, pedal board sharps, and console interior; painted exterior panels; and an assortment of music-themed gold-leaf molding-a visually stunning, inspired, and entrancing order!

Located on Konocti Bay in Lake County, California, the Atwood's beautiful home provides the perfect setting for such a unique instrument. In addition to Allen's "digital" percussion section, the organ features "winded-acoustic" percussions-which can speak individually or together. All of this sound projects through Wurlitzer swell shades located on two, very large concrete organ chambers. Bert and Ann Atwood are very happy new owners-and the sound of the organ is exciting, to say the least!