Unparalleled Support

There's a lot of talk today about customer loyalty, but we think most companies have got the concept backwards. At Allen, our focus is on the loyalty we pledge to our customers, rather than what we expect from them. That's why we have developed a service support system to help Allen owners enjoy their instruments for a long, long time. In fact, thousands of Allen analog instruments built in the 1960's and even earlier are still serving their owners today.

There are three cornerstones to the legendary longevity of Allen organs. First, each is built with the finest materials using the best construction techniques. Second, Allen provides service through a network of local dealers and technicians that are trained and equipped by the Allen factory. Lastly, the Allen factory maintains a complete inventory of service parts for every vintage of Allen organs ever built. So, whether your Allen was built six years or six decades ago, we can help you keep it in tip-top shape.

And, if Allen owners eventually do upgrade their instrument, most often they choose another Allen, proving that Loyalty is a two-way street!