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Analog Transistor Years: 1959-1970

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Lincoln Center TC-4

   Sheraton 15 Theatre Organ
Home Organs
During the 1960s, Allen entered the growing home organ market. As with its church instruments, Allen home organs developed a reputation for being built to last. The consoles were built to the standards of fine furniture. A wide variety of consoles styles were also available, ranging from curved "horseshoe" designs reminiscent of the Wurlitzer theatre organs, to consoles decorated with French provincial or oriental motifs.
Lincoln Center

T-44 theatre Organ
Custom Colonial Organ

The Theatre Compact
Perhaps the Allen that was greeted with the most enthusiasm during this time was the Theatre Compact. The world's first spinet theatre organ, the Theatre Compact "scooped" the market. Another popular theatre spinet, the Allen Organette, was found in homes throughout the country, including that of the popular entertainer Jackie Gleason.