The Jerome Markowitz Memorial Museum

Allen Organ Company was founded in 1937 and named after its birthplace, Allentown, Pennsylvania. The Company was incorporated in 1945, after interruption by World War II. Since its beginning, Allen has been managed by the same family. Steve Markowitz, the Company's current President, is the son of the Company's founder, Jerome Markowitz.

The Jerome Markowitz Memorial Center is a museum chronicling Allen's history by displaying technological milestones in the development of the pipeless organ. The museum is open by appointment Monday through Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. To schedule a visit, please contact the Allen International Sales Headquarters. In the meantime, enjoy a virtual tour of the museum by clicking below.

I firmly believe that there is a unique
relationship between Allen Organ Company
and each purchaser of an Allen Organ.

- Jerome Markowitz (1917-1991)

Early Analog Years:
Analog-Transistor Years:
The Digital Revolution:
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