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First Digital Musical Instrument

The First Digital Musical Instrument

This instrument was originally installed in 1971 in St. Andrew's Evangelical Lutheran Church of Easton, Pennsylvania. At the time, the only other digital product available commercially was the hand-held calculator, introduced the same year. The church replaced this instrument with a larger Allen in 1994 and it was then placed on display in the Jerome Markowitz Memorial Museum.

This instrument was acquired by the Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C., in 2004.

"We see the Smithsonian's decision to acquire this first digital musical instrument as an acknowledgement of the key role that Allen played in the development of digital sound technology," said Barry Holben, Vice President of Sales at Allen Organ. "This technology was groundbreaking in 1971, and set the stage for many other digital products that changed the way the world experiences music."

For more information about the acquisition of the first digital musical instrument by the Smithsonian Institution please click here:

Allen Organ Acquired by Smithsonian Institution

Congressional Proclamation

From Math to Music

From Math to Music
An enlargement of the ad for the new
Allen Computer Organ, the first musical instrument
to create precise harmonic structures.