Incomparable Sound

"Sound" is, quite literally, the reason that Allen Organ Company exists. Jerome Markowitz, the Company's founder, was passionate about sound and dedicated his life to making pipe organ sound affordable. In 1937, he patented an audio oscillator technology that became the basis for the Allen Organ Company. His list of innovative accomplishments spanned decades with Allen becoming the innovator and leader in the musical application of digital technology, garnering dozens of pioneering patents and creating the world's largest organ building facility.

Allen is still managed by the Markowitz family and dedicated to the goal of producing the finest pipe organ sound through the most advanced digital technology. Allen sound is acknowledged among experts to be the finest and most pipe-like in the world, a result of combining the most advanced digital technology with a tonal artistry gained over 70 years.

Today, the preference for Allen sound extends even beyond the realm of digital organ customers to pipe organ owners themselves. In recent years Allen has been chosen to add digital voices to hundreds of pipe organs throughout the world, including prestigious European installations. And, the number of pipe/Allen instruments is continually growing. Jerome would be proud but, we suspect, he'd still be looking for ways to improve. So are we. It's in our blood.

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