ORGAN OF THE WEEK ~ 01/20/2023

This Custom Four-Manual Allen Organ
is scheduled for installation in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

The console features:

  • Console Upgrade to "F"
  • 50th Anniversary Package
  • Allen Keyboards with Ivora Naturals and Rosewood Sharps
  • Drawknobs: Rosewood Stems with Maple and Rosewood Inserts
  • Rockertabs: Rosewood
  • White, Black, and Red Pistons
  • Red Felt Above Manuals
  • Velocity Sensitive Keying
  • Alternate Specification - Aeolian-Skinner
  • Skinner-Style Keycheeks
  • Black Felt Added to Jambs and Center Section
  • Jamb Cancels with Maple Nameplates
  • Custom Engravings
  • Reeds Engraved in Red
  • Adjustable Lighted Lattice Wood Music Rack
  • Adjustable Bench with Back Rest and Base Molding
  • Rosewood Pedalboard Sharps
  • Toe Stud and Piston: Zimbelstern
  • Expanded Audio: 54 Channels
  • 7 Divisions (Great, Swell, Choir, Pedal, String, Solo, Antiphonal)
  • Remote Amp Rack
  • Pipes Prep
  • Page Turn™ Kit
  • MIDI Extension Kit
  • Signal Kit
  • GeniSys™ Voices
  • Matching "F" Series Dolly