ORGAN OF THE WEEK ~ 03/25/22

This Custom Three-Manual Allen Organ
is scheduled for installation in Kutztown, Pennsylvania.

The console features:

  • 50th Anniversary Package
  • "D" Console
  • Allen Keyboards with Ivora Naturals and Walnut Sharps
  • Velocity Keying
  • Drawknob Stems: Walnut with White Inserts
  • Pipe Prepped with Keycheek Pistons: ADD PIPES, SUB PIPES
  • Expression Nameplates on Pedalboard
  • Toe Studs: Sequencer NEXT & PREV; ZIMBELSTERN
  • Adjustable Lighted Solid Wood Music Rack
  • Walnut Pedal Sharps
  • Adjustable Bench with Base Molding
  • Expanded Audio: 18 Channels with Festival Trumpet
  • EAC™ Mixer
  • Page Turn™ Kit
  • GENISYS™ Voices