ORGAN OF THE WEEK ~ 03/18/22

This Three-Manual Combination Pipe and Digital Allen Organ
is scheduled for installation in Denton, Texas.

The console features:

  • 50th Anniversary Package
  • Square Side Overlays
  • Allen Keyboards with Rosewood Sharps
  • Rosewood Drawknob Stems and Rocker Tab Overlays
  • Maple Drawknob Inserts
  • Red Felt Above Manuals
  • "Skinner-style" Keycheeks
  • Black Piston Buttons
  • Custom Engravings
  • Folding Lighted Acrylic Music Rack
  • Rosewood Pedal Sharps
  • Adjustable Bench with Moldings
  • Pipe Interface System
  • Expanded Audio: 18 Channels
  • Remote Audio Rack
  • GENISYS™ Voices