Organ of the Week

This Three-Manual Quantum™/Custom instrument is built in an oak, French-terrace-style console. It is scheduled for installation in Nokesville, Virginia.

  • The console features:
    • French-terrace-style console with a two-tone oak finish
    • Lighted, adjustable, rigid, lattice wood music rack with plexiglass cover
    • Drawknobs: rosewood french-style stems, maple faces
    • Reeds engraved in red
    • Square-style keycheeks
    • Keyboards: rosewood sharps, black naturals; green felt above manuals
    • Black pistons with white engraving; keycheek pistons with LED
    • Chrome toe studs
    • Pedalboard: rosewood sharps and maple naturals
    • Reed Switch Keying
    • Allen Vista Navigator™
    • Bench: adjustable-height