ORGAN OF THE WEEK ~ 10/22/13

This Three-Manual Quantum™ Heritage™ will be installed in Wood River, Illinois.

The console features:

  • Two-tone, oak-finish console
  • Gothic-style side overlays
  • Music Rack: lighted, folding, adjustable, lattice-wood
  • Stop tabs: rosewood
  • Drawknobs: walnut, french style with rosewood faces
  • Reeds engraved in red; Couplers engraved in green; second voices engraved in white
  • Orchestral engravings
  • Engravings in Altogs Cr. Script
  • Skinner-style keycheeks
  • Divisional divider strips in oak
  • Keyboards: rosewood sharps, Ivora naturals
  • White pistons
  • Brass toe studs
  • Pedalboard: rosewood sharps, maple naturals
  • Bench: adjustable-height with back-rest and molding
  • Allen Vista Navigator™
  • EAC™ (Expanded Audio Capabilities)
  • Brass Heritage™ nameplate