ORGAN OF THE WEEK ~ 08/14/13

This Two-Manual Chapel™ console with the optional Drawknob Package will be installed in Wisconsin.

The console features:

  • Oak-finish console
  • Music Rack: lighted, rigid, acrylic
  • Tab Stops: white; MIDI in black
  • Drawknobs: black stems with white faces
  • Classic Allen with Theatre engravings
  • Square-style keycheeks
  • Keyboards: black sharps, white naturals
  • White pistons
  • Chrome toe studs
  • Pedalboard: black sharps, maple naturals
  • Optional multiple stop lists including English Cathedral, Cavaillé-Coll, Schlicker, Arp Schnitger, and Aeolian-Skinner, plus 3 additional Theatre stop lists of Wurlitzer, Barton and Morton
  • Bench with bench blocks